Frozen has ruined my life

Sad music and writing night. It took a toll :(

My boredom has leveled up to eating. So ask me some questions. Also, ignore my mangled fingernail.

Excuse me Baltimore, but it’s cold and I’m exhausted. My eyes are so red.

This sweaty bitch hyperventilated all the way to Denver! Now on to Baltimore.

For anon :)

Productive day even with a headache. Doing some sound quality checks in my room for a new project coming up. Super fucking pumped!!

Puppy cuddles trying to cheer me up by sitting on my chest, it’s working, she’s the best!

Look, he likes me, and we’re talking about you bitches.

I never meant to hurt anyone. I don’t go out of my way to hurt people or put them off. I’m not perfect though. I have fucking flaws and imperfections. I’m someone with a strong desire to feel an equal amount of emotion that I give to people. I dislike jealousy, sassy behavior, narrow minded views, and selfishness. I’m not even picky about what you look like, your gender, political views, or sexual interests in general. I’ll even hold you close and try to understand your illness, and if I can’t I’ll just hold you anyway. I just want to hold somebody and want them to want to hold me back. It seems like common sense to expect honesty, a willingness to be with me, and the ability to say “fuck the bullshit” when shit gets rough. If love isn’t in the cards, we will move the fuck on (I have before), BUT…. I won’t be the only one communicating, initiating physical closeness, and compromising (all around trying to be in a relationship…duh). I refuse. I deserve better. Nothing is free, so I’m done giving myself away.

She decided that right in front of my face was the perfect place to sleep. Princess Mia gets her way.

My beard is coming back fast plus I’m feeling a little better, so that’s good lol

My dash did a thing.

I know, it’s horrible, but I was shaving with one hand (the uninjured hand) and it just got shorter and shorter.

A new batch of selfies. Haircut and muscle gain updates to motivate some asks and submissions lol