Missing the boyfriend shimazina tonight hard.

#gpoy #me

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It was a good night :)


Gonna finish watching Star Trek and probably continue to not sleep. Fuck.

How sunburnt am I? This much.

This is me saying fuck it and ignoring texts #me #gpoy #summer #farmerstan #gay #almostblonde

Frozen has ruined my life

Sad music and writing night. It took a toll :(

My boredom has leveled up to eating. So ask me some questions. Also, ignore my mangled fingernail.

Excuse me Baltimore, but it’s cold and I’m exhausted. My eyes are so red.

This sweaty bitch hyperventilated all the way to Denver! Now on to Baltimore.

For anon :)

Productive day even with a headache. Doing some sound quality checks in my room for a new project coming up. Super fucking pumped!!

Puppy cuddles trying to cheer me up by sitting on my chest, it’s working, she’s the best!