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Where are you?! Come back, don't let mean anons chase you off.

I haven’t been chased off in the sense that you’re thinking. What mean anons have done is made me want to live my life. I haven’t been in a great place mentally and I’m nurturing the things in my life that are good, healthy, and meaningful. I can’t promise I’ll make it back here permanently at any point, but I’m super thankful for every single person that has followed me. Every new friend Tumblr has brought into my life have been individually great humans.
Live greatly! :)

Don’t ask me on dates.

"What’s one of the stupidest things you’ve done on a date?"

"Well, not long ago, first date, this guy was drop dead gorgeous. I figured he was out of my league so I started talking in my demon voice."

"Oh my god, you went full on demon?!"

"Full on boo. Complete demon voice."

"You’re a mess."

"I know."

Stop asking me to trust
you while I’m still coughing
up water from the last time
you let me drown.

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It is not difficult to deduce that that guy saw through your bullshit. You were madly in love with him and then randomly stopped posting about that dude. Recently you keep posting about how single you are. I wish I could meet him to congratulate him on dropping you!




The Westboro Baptist Deadpool

He’s decided to show up to every one of Jean Grey’s funerals.

Reblogging more for that last comment almost making me snort water I was drinking.

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Characters: Final Fantasy XV

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Dang that’s cold

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"6 keys to a great relationship:
- friendship
- freedom
- honesty
- trust
- understanding
- communication"


this is all i can think of when i donate fossils to the museum

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this truly scared me i thought the legs on the right were some crispy burnt up human legs i need a minute to breathe


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